Award Concept & Timeline

Asia's Most Authoritative Campus Employer Branding Award, 100% Voted for by University Students

Recognized by organizations nationwide, the Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) stands as an irrefutable gold standard gauge for Campus Recruiters, and as a hallmark of excellence among organizations throughout Asia. Conceived through years of meticulous planning and unyielding ambition, the GCA is an esteemed award that recognizes as well as rewards excellence and distinction in the graduate recruitment landscape across industries of all disciplines. Est. in 2018.

Important Dates for GCA2022/2023 Singapore

Campus Employer Branding

Reinforce the brand image and overall presence of your Organisation on campuses nationwide as an Employer of great distinction and excellence.

Get Featured as Best In Industry

Boost your corporate presence by making it known to your industry and those beyond, of your distinction in graduate recruitment

Recognition by Undergraduates

Be recognised by Undergraduates and Universities nationwide for your organisation’s distinction in graduate recruitment effort

Multiple Categories

Organisations from nearly every industry discipline have the opportunity to be heralded as one of the top employers

Effective Campus Recruitment

Strengthen your recruitment efforts for years to come by attracting the best and the brightest of graduates to join your organisation

Future Bragging Rights

Secure the irrefutable right of proclaiming your Organisation as one of the top graduate employer brands


Some of the Previous Awardees