Graduates' Choice of Employers

Talentbank unveils Malaysia’s top employers to work for in 2024

THE Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) has once again highlighted the most sought-after employers in Malaysia for 2024.

Now in its sixth consecutive year as the definitive graduate employer branding award in the Asia-Pacific region, GCA recorded an impressive 464,220 accumulative votes from university students nationwide – a record-breaking level of participation since its inception in 2018.


The credibility of the results is underscored by a meticulous verification process conducted by the Board of Audit Committees, comprising 21 professionals from both public and private universities.

Talentbank’s chief executive officer Ben Ho emphasised that GCA, with complete endorsement from undergraduates, mirrors the aspirations of the emerging workforce.

The top 25 companies showcased excellence in graduate employment, establishing a benchmark for others to follow.

In pursuit of its goal to elevate graduate employability, GCA stands as a valuable resource for numerous graduates and job seekers, serving as a guide in their quest to secure positions at their desired companies to kick-start their careers.

In the sixth edition of GCA, more than 2,500 companies competed across over 50 categories.

Notable winners include AIA Shared Services, Johnson & Johnson, Petronas, Sunway University, Top Glove and Uniqlo, which secured their titles as champions for five consecutive years.

Additionally, Maybank, EY, Maxis, AIA Bhd, Touch ‘n Go, Nestlé and Intel also maintained their winning momentum, retaining top spot in their respective categories.


Graduates’ employment preferences

In 2023, GCA surveyed recent graduates to articulate their employment preferences. The findings revealed a strong desire for starting salaries between RM3,000 to RM 3,500, with a pronounced focus on work-life balance, job security and career development as primary goals for 2023.

These insights are pivotal for employers seeking to secure and retain top talent by aligning with evolving expectations.

The GCA 2023 survey identified key attributes for employers to resonate with today’s graduates such as salary and bonuses, career development and company culture.

Despite reduced work-from-home options post-pandemic, graduates continue to prioritise flexible working opportunities.

The increasing significance of training and development opportunities underscores graduates’ steadfast commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.

Concerning job hunting, while platforms like LinkedIn and other job sites were favoured in 2022, there was a notable 9% surge in demand for career fairs in 2023, reaching 41%.

However, employers rated career readiness at five out of 10, indicating the need for universities to more actively engage with students for comprehensive career preparation.

Critical skills employers seek to include positive attitude, communication and teamwork, signalling a shift in recruitment strategies beyond academic performance.


Graduates’ Choice Award

GCA’s success is anchored in inclusivity, recognising employers across 90 industries. As Malaysia’s workforce undergoes transformative shifts, GCA connects employers with the demands of current graduates.

GCA’s acknowledgement of Malaysia’s top employers instils a sense of pride among employees and contributes to fostering a positive and vibrant work culture.

Organisations making strategic investments in employer branding and creating environments conducive to growth can anticipate heightened loyalty, increased productivity and a notable reduction in turnover. The strategic application of these insights is paramount for sustained success.

To seize the opportunity to shape Malaysia’s job market, you can now cast your votes for GCA 2025 before June 30, 2024.


Active participation in the voting process provides valuable perspectives that contribute to a vibrant and competitive job landscape.

By casting a vote, you will also stand a chance to win exclusive prizes such as an Apple MacBook Air or Apple iPhone 15.

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