Graduates' Choice of Employers

The GCA Trophy & Emblem


Diameter: Approximately 65mm
Height: Approximately 310mmH
Weight: Approximately 1,000 gram

The Epitome of Luxury and Distinction

Emanating sheer elegance, the GCA trophy is a luxurious testament to craftsmanship par excellence. This symbol of recognition is meticulously crafted from the highest-quality pewter and lavishly adorned with 24K gold, a metaphor for the enduring pursuit of excellence and superiority.

This trophy’s structure takes inspiration from a scroll, an age-old symbol of wisdom, courage, and knowledge. Cast in the commanding elegance of black, a colour that signifies power, authority, and certainty, the trophy embodies the remarkable influence and prestige that the Graduates’ Choice Awards command within the industry. The rich glow of the pure 24K gold further emphasizes its elite status, establishing the trophy as a golden benchmark in the realm of graduate employer recognition.

Gracing the apex of the trophy, the “GCA” insignia is a testament to the top-echelon employers’ accomplishments. The silhouette of the trophy, with its graceful curves, contributes to a distinctive elegance, reflecting the dynamic nexus between future leaders and the organisations that foster them.

Elevating the trophy’s regality, an intricately crafted line detail contours the trophy’s exterior, heightening its aesthetic appeal. Each facet of the design, from the tastefully chosen color scheme and the signature shape to the meticulous detailing, is intentional and symbolizes the GCA’s elite stature.

In a world of its own, the GCA trophy goes beyond being a mere physical entity. It is a luxurious embodiment of prestige, excellence, and aspiration, created not just to celebrate the best, but to embody the epitome of achievement and distinction in graduate recruitment. This trophy is the ultimate symbol of luxury that encapsulates the essence of being the finest in the industry.


The GCA Emblem: The Seal of Excellence and Distinction

Representing the pinnacle of industry recognition, the GCA emblem is expertly designed to encapsulate the distinguished excellence embodied by organisations across various sectors. It is a beacon for those companies that have ascended to the status of the most preferred graduate employer, an emblem that not only magnetizes future talent but also spurs current employees to perpetuate this coveted title through their unwavering dedication and hard work.

Enriched by the luminous stamp of gold, the logo is intentionally positioned to mirror a golden seal of approval. This seal reflects the esteemed standing of your organization as the paragon within its discipline, reinforcing your place among the elite, as a leading brand for employment.

As a tangible manifestation of the collective youth voice, the GCA emblem underscores the crucial connection between potential recruits and their future employers. The emblem’s bold outline gives a sense of definitive authority, signifying the resolute decisions leading to the triumphant rise of an organization to this esteemed accolade.

In essence, the GCA emblem is more than a logo; it’s a testament to exemplary standards, a symbol of unparalleled excellence, and a beacon guiding the aspirations of graduates to the best employers in the industry.

Graduates' Choice of Employer

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