Graduates' Choice of Employers

Award Concept & Timeline

The Graduates' Choice Award stands as the most esteemed Graduate Employer Branding Award across the Asia-Pacific region, with the outcome entirely determined by the collective voices of university students.

Recognised by organisations across the Asia Pacific region, the Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) emerges as a distinguished guidepost, establishing an indisputable benchmark for Campus Recruiters and epitomising a zenith of excellence among organisations across the expansive region.

Born from years of meticulous planning and unwavering ambition, the GCA represents a highly-coveted accolade that acknowledges and extols excellence in the complex landscape of graduate recruitment, spanning a vast array of industries and sectors across the Asia Pacific.

The Graduates’ Choice Award stands as a manifestation of the collective voice and discerning choices of undergraduates and graduates across the region. Conducted in close collaboration with renowned universities throughout the Asia Pacific, the GCA serves as a critical bridge between the dynamic aspirations of young talent and the manifold opportunities offered by their ideal employers.

Since its establishment in 2018, the GCA has progressively grown in influence and prestige, continually reshaping the graduate recruitment panorama across the Asia Pacific. Its sustained presence echoes our steadfast commitment to enhancing employability and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, on our home soil and beyond.

Important Dates for “2025 Graduates’ Choice of Employer”

Important Dates for “2026 Graduates’ Choice of Employer”

Amplify Campus Employer Branding

Bolster your organisation's image and overall influence on campuses across the region. As a distinguished employer of the GCA, you epitomise excellence, encouraging a more vibrant and impactful presence.

Elevate Industry Presence

Elevate your corporate stature by showcasing your distinguished achievement in graduate recruitment to your industry peers and beyond. The GCA award not only celebrates your accomplishments but amplifies your influence in the industry.

Earn Recognition from Undergraduates

Attain recognition from undergraduates and universities region-wide for your organisation's exceptional efforts in graduate recruitment, echoing your dedication and commitment to fostering emerging talent.

Enrich Campus Recruitment Strategy

Invigorate your recruitment endeavours for the forthcoming years by attracting the finest graduate talent. Winning the GCA aids in engaging potential recruits, aligning them with your organisational goals and vision.

Diverse Categories

Organisations from an array of industry disciplines have the esteemed opportunity to be proclaimed as one of the foremost employers throughout the Asia Pacific region, appreciating the variety and richness of our diverse economies.

Secure Future Bragging Rights

Claim the irrefutable privilege to champion your organisation as one of the premier graduate employer brands throughout the Asia Pacific region. The GCA accolade marks a definitive endorsement of your commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.