Graduates' Choice of Employers

6th Graduates’ Choice Award honors top employers

Talentbank’s 6th Graduates’ Choice Award celebrates top employers. Record-breaking votes and prestigious winners shape the future of graduate employment.


Talentbank, a key player in Malaysia’s talent ecosystem, celebrated the success of its 6th Annual Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) in a grand ceremony yesterday. The event, attended by distinguished figures from various Malaysian universities and institutions, showcased the nation’s top-tier employers.

A notable presence of 30 vice-chancellors actively participated in honoring the distinguished employers. GCA, now in its sixth year, continues to be recognized as the most authoritative graduate employer branding award in the Asia-Pacific region. This year witnessed a record-breaking 464,220 votes cast by university students, marking the highest participation since the inception of GCA.


Ben speak on Graduates' Choice Award

The sixth edition saw fierce competition, with over 2,500 companies competing in more than 90 categories. Notable winners included AIA Shared Services, Johnson & Johnson, Petronas, Sunway University, Top Glove, and UNIQLO, which secured the title for the fifth consecutive year. Maybank, EY, Maxis, AIA, Touch ‘n Go, and Intel also continued their winning streak in their respective categories.

Ben Ho, CEO of Talentbank, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “The Graduates’ Choice Award, 100% endorsed by undergraduates, echoes the aspirations of the emerging workforce. The top 25 companies have exemplified excellence in graduate employment, setting a benchmark for others.”

Empowering graduates

This year’s GCA, conducted in collaboration with local universities, provided a platform for recent graduates to voice their employment preferences. A comprehensive survey revealed that fresh graduates anticipate starting salaries between RM3,000 and RM3,500. Work-life balance, job security, and career development were identified as the top career goals for 2023.

Deputy Secretary-General (Policy) of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Haji Megat Sany bin Megat Ahmad Supian, commended Talentbank’s efforts, stating, “By aligning with universities, Talentbank is bridging the gap between academia and the professional world, benefiting both students and employers.”


Dr. Iskandar Abdullah, Director of the Graduate Employability and Career Centre at Universiti Malaya, encouraged students to explore opportunities with these award-winning companies, known for their commitment to graduate employment.

Talentbank’s Graduates’ Choice Award, in line with its mission to enhance graduate employability, offers a suite of services including career matching platforms, career fairs, employability assessments, and job placement services, all designed to create significant connections within the employment sector.


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